How to distinguish synthetic hair and human hair ?

On the market today, wigs are divided into two main categories: human hair and synthetic hair. This article will provide you with some basic knowledge when shopping to be able to distinguish synthetic hair and human hair and identify the differences between them.

1. Definition of synthetic hair and human hair

Let’s check the definition and feature of synthetic hair and human hair to have the basic knowledge when choosing wigs for yourself.

1.1. Synthetic hair

Today, let’s find what synthetic hair is and its feature

1.1.1. Definition of synthetic hair
Synthetic hair is made of good quality plastic, usually polyester, acrylic, or polyvinyl. All of these fibers are engineered to give the synthetic wig the most natural look. It’s not a secret, but in fact, synthetic hair costs less than human hair.

1.1.2. Feature of synthetic hair
The way to make synthetic wigs look natural is that they use single strands, monofilament yarn or combined with two or three acrylic, polyfilament or polyester fibers used to make certain strands of hair. Wigs and extensions are made from synthetic fibers, which are cheaper than similar items made from human hair.

Synthetic hair is specially designed to eliminate the usual styling process and streamline the look. Made of yarn quality, synthetic wigs are available in a number of colors and sizes to meet the fashion demands of women. Some manufacturers blend synthetic hair and human hair to get the most natural synthetic wig.


1.2. Human hair

If you want to have beautiful, healthy hair, you need to have an understanding of the quality of your hair. Let’s see the features of human hair in the article.

1.2.1. Structure of human hair

  • Medulla: is the innermost part of the hair, carrying fats and air. If your hair is too thin, the pulp will not exist.
  • Middle layer (cortex): This layer is a collection of filamentous bundles containing the dark pigment that gives hair color. This is the layer that determines the strength of the hair as well as the color of the hair.
  • Cuticle: this is the outermost layer of the hair shaft, it is composed of 5-10 layers of transparent keratin stacked. One can relate to the fish scales for this class. It is responsible for protecting the hair from the effects of chemicals or bad influences from the outside.

1.2.2. Types of human hair

  • Virgin hair: Virgin hair is 100% human hair that has never been altered by a chemical process. Virgin hair is the highest quality available in the market. This hair is expensive, but it lasts longer than remy hair, making it worth the investment. In case you care about the ways to take care of this type of hair, the instruction is available here: How to take care of raw virgin hair extension.
  • Remy hair: “Remy” is a premium choice. Essentially these hairs have hair follicles arranged in the same direction, they are cut from the young woman’s long hair to design the wig or in hair extensions. With the cuticles running in the same direction, problems rarely happen and the hair looks silky smooth

2. Comparison between synthetic hair and human hair

Human hair and synthetic hair both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s make comparison between synthetic hair and human hair

2.1. In term of long-term endurability

Human hair can be used for 6 months but synthetic hair only lasts about 3 months. In addition, there are not only differences in quality, between them there are structural differences. Human hair has a high water permeability, is quick to dry, has a characteristic scent that wigs cannot possess. During use, you will feel the most obvious difference, synthetic hair causing discomfort when wearing.

2.2. In term of quality

Human hair looks and feels the most natural when hand-down hair, because it is also natural hair. There is nothing exactly like the feel, weight, and movement of a good quality human hair wig. Human hair is considered a premium choice because it is often easier to change the style and less tangled since all strands are held in the same direction throughout the weaving process. Human hair is soft, lustrous, and when the movement is not like synthetic hair. Its versatility allows you to style hair like your own with curls or straight with a longer lasting durability.

2.3. In term of price

As we all know, human hair is not inexpensive! Good quality hair (human hair when purchased) comes at a premium. But it also takes longer to style and care for. Since it’s natural hair, you must apply makeup to it every time you use it just like your natural hair. The style doesn’t really hold up like synthetic hair. If you are busy or quite tight with your budget, this might not be the choice for you.

2.4. In term of easy care

Human hair also needs to be washed, massaged and styled regularly. Synthetic hair is easily pampered. Because synthetic wigs have what are called “retain the style”, they never have to be re-styled, or maybe they can be customized with simple styles like curtain bangs or so on. You just need to wash, dry and then keep them, and the wig will return to its original style. They require no careful care. This is very important if you are having health problems and not feeling well.


3. How to distinguish synthetic hair and human hair ?

With advancements in technology, synthetic hair has appeared more and more in recent years. In some cases, if you do not have the experience in distinguishing between synthetic hair and human hair, it will be difficult to tell the difference between the two.

3.1. Appearance

 At first glance, you can't see much difference in these two wigs. But just need to look a little closer, you will find that synthetic hair are more bristly obviously. If exposure to natural light or a bright artificial light source, synthetic hair will present bad reflection problems. And synthetic hair also looks plastic. On the contrary, high quality real human hair wigs are like real human hair, and look real and natural.

3.2. Touch

A synthetic wig feels stiff, dry, and no elastic. A real human hair wig feels like real human hair, smooth, silky, elastic.

3.3. Hair Quality

Synthetic wigs are not made of hair, they are made of synthetic fibers. A synthetic wigs is not easy to comb and maintain, and it gets fuzzy easily. A real human hair wig with high quality human hair is smooth, and not easy to get tangled.

3.4. Fire Burn

Cut a small piece of hair you buy and burn it directly over a small flame. If the hair is flammable, creating a large flame, and smells of tar, this is a synthetic hair. Synthetic wigs will become some viscous dark masses. And it is a smell of burnt plastic.

After burning, real human hair wigs will become black powdery. It is a characteristic smell of burning hair.

3.5.Test by water

A way to distinguish wigs is quite easy is to use water. Synthetic wigs, when wet, will feel heavier and will not retain their shape. On the other hand, human hair will retain its watery appearance or curl even when wet.

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