How to dye your weaves

We know most of us the hair is natrual black hair,some people want to color hair, although we have blonde #613, pink bob hair,purple bob hair , it can’t meet customers requirements. So they purchase natural black color in the style like body wave, straight wave, deep wave, curly wave, natural wave, loose wave, etc, they dye the hair weaves to the color they want after they get the hair. But it also needs skills, if you dye it in-proper, you will ruin the hair which you pay a high price. How to avoid this happen, in this class, we will give you teaching about how to dye your weaves.


Natural human hair weaves can be dyed to any color cause it is unprocessed virgin hair. You can dye it as your own hair by hair dye and hair developer, and even the same tools. Simply mix your dye before gently applying it directly to the hair weaves. Wash it after dyeing it to keep it clean and shiny. Note: hair dye will not work on synthetic hair, just for virgin human hair weaves.



Let’s introduce ways for dyeing hair weaves.

Prepare for dyeing


1. Choose high a normal hair dyer.

You can choose any hair dyer in your local place. Pay attention, you can only use the hair dyer dye the hair darker, if you want to make the hair color lighter, you should bleach the hair first. Please use the hair dyer only, don’t use fabric dyer.


2. Find a proper volume hair developer. 

A lower volume may be too weak. A 20 volume developer will let you change the color by one or two shades while a volume 30 will let you make the hair even darker. In most cases, a 20 volume developer will be sufficient.


3. Put on rubber gloves. 

Gloves will protect your skin from irritation and staining left by the dye. Use rubber gloves that you don’t mind tossing afterward.


4. Mix the dyer and the developer in a plastic bowl. Mix with a plastic spoon.

Do not use a metal bowl or spoon to mix your dye. The metal can oxidize the dye, causing it to change colors. The length of the hair depends on how much dyer and developer you will be used.


Applying the dye


1. Test with a few strands to check whether it is the color you like.

People afraid that the color wasn’t the correct color they like, so you should test before you apply the dye.


2. Use a brush apply the dye on the hair weaves.

You can choose the section you want to color, some like pure color, some like ombre, no matter which one you like, you need design the length you want to leave if you want to ombre hair.


3. Cover the hair with plastic wrap, then let it develop. 

The sheet of plastic wrap layer will help keep the dye from drying out while it develops. Generally, the dark dye takes about 25 minutes to develop, but make sure to follow the instructions on the back of the box. While the color processes, check on the hair every 5 minutes until it reaches the color you want.


Wash the dye


1. Rinse away the hair dye thoroughly with warm water. 

In a sink or bathtub, rinse the dye out of the extensions. Run your fingers through the hair and massage the excess color out. Keep rinsing water through the hair until it runs clean.


2. Soak your hair in deep conditioning treatment for 15 minutes. 

It’s important to replenish the moisture in your hair after using dye. Spread a deep conditioning treatment through the damp hair.


3. Lightly towel-dry and lay the weave on an old towel to air-dry. 

The hair may still contain a bit of excess color, so make sure to use an old towel. Gently squeeze out the excess water, leaving the strands lightly damp. Lay the extensions out to fully air-dry. Once the hair is completely dry, it’s ready to be worn. If you are blow drying it, run the hair dryer up and down through your hair. Make sure that the hair weave does not overheat.

At last, we hope our update is useful for you, if you have any questions about how to dye hair weaves, please feel free contact us and give us good suggestions, our goal is to make better and better on your beauty way.


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