Highlighting hairs is one of the finest experiences a hairstyle lover must perform. As a change of complete color of wigs, every time is a quite tedious task; therefore most of the youngsters and celebs prefer to add few highlighted shades to original hair color. This will instantly transform your look. If one goes for the option of salon hair coloring then it might affect your pocket.


This is the major reason why people prefer to color their hair at home. Yet most people found it a bit time consuming and also challenging when you do it for the first time. Here we present you with few handy tips to provide you ease to perform your colored wigs with highlights.


1. Confirm whether you are ready for DIY highlights at home?


A readymade home uses a DIY coloring kit had made it quite easy to highlight your shades. But if you want to go for some highlighting like balayage then you must be sought professional help as these will require a special type of expertise. Whether you highlight you colored with at home or at salon one thing should make sure to keep a gap of at least 14 days between two successive highlightings.


2. Choose your highlighting color wisely:


Irrespective of place you choose to color your hair you have to devote some time to choose your highlight color wisely. You can experiment with different shades of colors on your hair wig. Starting from everyones most favorite brilliant blonde shade many more are there to add to your list as shades of brown, red for your new hue. If you want to go more out of the box with your highlights, you can even opt for pastel lavender or a pretty rose gold hue. Plus you also have to decide on whether you want to go for full or half head highlights. The highlights can be thinner or chunkier as per your wish and suitability to your face.


3. Highlight your hair wig:


After choosing the suitable shade for your hair wig do apply them on hair strands. The guidelines for applying highlights keep on differing depending on the product kit purchased. It comes with the instructions for how to apply highlights on your wigs hair.




After highlighting the hair wig you need to amend your hair care routine so preserve your high end. Because the color-treated hairs need a little more care than normal hairs. Highlights can change your look quickly. Luminous and natural-looking hair can be done with a simple and simple blonde or brown highlighting package. You can opt to change your look with many gorgeous and trendy hairstyles with highlights.


Highlights your hairs will enhance the color of your hair, pull out cheekbones, and even slender faces. They illustrate the lines of your hair cut; build dimension and the sense of fullness.


Just go through these simple steps to highlighting your hairs.


  Perform the style of your hair as usual.


  Use a bleach kit if required and keep your hairbrushes handy.


  Apply dye from the middle of the strand to the bottom.


  Be careful while applying highlight color.


We guess you have already aroused interest in highlighting our hairs now. But tons of questions are tackling your mind right now. You may want to know a lot of things, such as how to highlight your hair at home? Does it take so long to illuminate the hair? How much can hair be highlighted? How much does it cost to have your hair highlighted?


So, just have a look at the FAQ about highlighting your wig hair at home.




There's no set solution. They'd do that every 7-8 weeks with someone. You should even highlight your hair every 10-12 weeks. If you have the time and resources, you can do it more Unless your hair grows very fast, it seems to overkill monthly, particularly because blonde highlights normally hurt your hair. If the growth is not significant, you should do so every 3-4 months, because the highlights are very natural and not that radically different from your natural color. You'd do that every 6-8 weeks if you had darker hair.




Although it depends on the length of your hair, it depends on how much you get colored and how long your hair is. If you expect to have a 1/2 head and they generally advise you to give an hour when you book appointments, a full head takes longer. It also relies on how dark your natural color is and how bright the highlights you like. The darker the hair and the lighter the highlights, the longer the procedure will take. It would depend on how much focus you receive, how busy the salon is the person who does it. It would take me nearly three hours. Give them a call at the salon and ask them to know better.




When you apply multiple shades of color to your hair, prepare to pay rates ranging from $60 to more than $300. It also offers the impression of more volume, but for it, you would have to pay more.


Based on many variables, the cost of highlighting hair differs dramatically.


About our place


Because of the rivalry, locations that have a saturated number of salons appear to charge lower. In the other side, luxury towns might house well-known salons that charge comparatively higher prices.


In the Salon


In order to emphasize hair, most salons will charge you the national average rate. The success of the salon and the expertise of its stylists can influence the price, however.


The Form of Highlight


Two basic types of highlights are available, respectively partial and absolute. The former clearly costs less than the latter.


Other models are available, such as the "ombre" that gives a gradient effect to your hair color.


Color of hair


If you are a blonde, you'd definitely spend extra. The designer says that it costs $20 more to dye natural blondes than to add highlights to brown hair.


Length of hair


If you have longer hair, you will also actually pay extra for the highlights, as your stylist would have to apply additional coloring to finish the look.


Hair straightening will start to feel dry and brittle, so it is important to use the right tools at home. Still add vegetable oil to your hair. Using a low-detergent shampoo is also a good option. Just when you use your skin every day with a moisturizer, you shouldn't forget your scalp. Try stopping items for styling. Stop having your hair wig cleaned too much. Do not only use a comb or a hairbrush to unwrap your hair. Don't do the highlights very much.


5 Useful Tips


Take out Time to do touch-ups.


A big advantage to making your own highlights is that any time your roots start to appear, you don't have to run to the salon. Even so out of nowhere, noticeable roots can appear to surprise you. Pick up a second box of your own at-home highlighting set, instead of waiting for the last possible minute (we're all guilty of this sometimes!), and keep it on hand. That way, without a ride to the shop, you can solve your root cause.


Stay away from heat:


Although we're suckers for voluminous waves and super smooth, straight locks, giving the hair a break from heated styling is often well-advised. Instead of searching for your hot instruments every day from time to time, grab a heat-free hair styling tool. Choose from one of the following choices and style it out!


Hold brass at bay


There can come a point where the highlights have an orange hue. Once a week when you find that your strands are becoming brassy. The pair together neutralizes undesirable shades of orange and black.


Purchasing a premium dye for hair


Top hairstylists recommend that quality hair color should only be used to illuminate hair. Before buying, check that it is a professional hair care line product and that the pack is not tampered with. You should buy the product after running these tests to highlight your hair at home. Pick a highlight that is at least 2 shades lighter than your skin tone. It will highlight your hair and contrast with your skin tone as well.


Do a strand search.


A strand test helps you determine the exact processing time needed before starting the whole process to achieve the degree of lightness you want on a piece of your hair," Next a small quantity of highlights will be added to a small part of the hair. Wipe your hair clean after ten minutes and see if your perfect amount of lightness has been met.


See, how easy it is to highlight your hair wigs at home that too likes a pro. With these simple steps highlighting will be no issues for a beginner also as all the dilemmas in your mind hopefully get cleared. So, go ahead and present yourself with a new look that too without much effort. For any help you can always find our experts online at our website.





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