How To Make Thin Human Hair Wigs Look So Much Fuller And Thicker

Loss of hair can be extremely self-esteem lowering particularly for women. And if you found that your hair looks aren’t as thick as it used to be, don’t worry. With some tips and tricks, you can make your own hair look thicker, super-full, and bouncy. Just check out a few of them as follow.


Help You Make Your Hair Look Fuller And Thicker:


Try to use hair extension for your human hair wigs:


Various types of hair extension products are available in the market. The amount of hair extension depends on hair length. Long hair requires a large amount of volumizer while shorter hair requires less.


Or Give layers a try. Layering sections of hair create a texturized look that makes your hair appear thicker.


Always blow-dry your human hair wigs:


Always blow-dry your hair by flipping them upside down and keep on tasseling them while drying. Turn off the setting of ionic blow dry which will tend to make your hair sleek but for sure lowers the volume of your hair.


Roll them:


The volume can be added to your hairs by setting front part in Velcro and clip them up in rollers for about 30 minutes so s to maintain high load.


Leave your habit of over brushing your wig hair:


Never ever over brush your best human hair wigs. Too often brushing your hairs will tend to break the hairs from your sew-in or ordinary wig. Always use a wide-toothed brush to comb your hair. Try to avoid heating tools for the hairstyling routine.


Keep on switching your part of sew-in wigs.


Switch your hairs of the parted wig often which will help in root lift. If you are currently using the middle part try to switch it with side part. After years of parting in one side this parting of hair will help to boost volume of your hair. The hairs develop habit of falling in same direction every day so this change over gives a lift. It involves a simple procedure just switch your wig hair to opposite and spray hairspray before flipping them backward.


Split your ponytail


One of the easy ways to get voluminous hair is to split your ponytail. By just alerting your hairstyle you can quickly achieve a fuller hair look. What you need to do is just split your hair. Tie the ponytail of half of your upper hair while leave rest of your hair free. Just give it a try and we are sure you will get the positive results.


Make small sections of your hair


Making small sections of your hair i.e. teasing is the easiest way to create volume for your roots. The process involves just few simple steps: firstly hold small section of your hair away from your head then backcomb it towards the direction of head. Then sprinkle hairspray at each section at the roots to confirm that all the spray does not fall off. Keep repeating the process of dividing in small sections to generate height and shape as you want. If you are not able to follow the aforementioned steps to make hair look fuller and thick then one more way we suggest you to go for clip in hair extensions.


Use head topper


Irrespective of length of hair whether shoulder length or long always boosts the confidence in women.  We share a trick to get the voluminous hair in a minute with hair toppers using 3 piece set or hair extensions. Applying a lace topper and or ladies topper is another way to obtain fuller hair. The 4 piece, as well as 3 piece hair toppers, are available in different patterns like wavy hairstyle as well as straight hairstyle. Practically it is a monofilament of woman topper base that resembles like original hair. Now the major part that plays a key role is how to choose suitable wavy hair topper or wig topper having bangs and crown topper hairpiece.


Widen your braids


One of the easy ways to fuller your wig hair is to wear braids. If you are fond of the braids then go surely purchase the one from the reputed seller of wigs, for example: blackmoon hair store. It is highly recommended by stylists that if you're suffering from hair loss or thinning then go for widen braids. These wide braids will give the feel like full hair which will look much thicker. Generally, your braid can show a propensity for looking very puny instead of voluminous, especially for who have thin hair or suffer from hair loss. To refresh it you can gently pull and tug at your braid till it securely creates the trickery that you have much more hair than you always have. Famously this method is called pancaking.



Use fingers instead of comb while drying your hairs:


While drying your wet hair to drain the water out always use your fingers as a comb and rake the hair upwards. Always focus the nozzle of the blow dryer at the root instead of top of the hair. Plus direct the airflow towards the end of the cuticle by pulling your hair away from the scalp with your fingers to get volume.


Use Wig hair thickening shampoo:


Daily wear and tear may take off the shine and texture of your hair leaving them broken dry and thinner. But we tell you the secret that thicker hair starts in the shower with right shampoo and therefore it is extremely essential to choose the proper shampoo that is designed to add volume or bounce or thickening property to your wig hair. You can also use the shampoo that is labeled as lightweight; this will serve the same purpose as thickening shampoos. It has been said that frequent cleansing will not help to keep scalp healthy and support hair retention on sewing cap but it might leave your scalp dry. Use of improper shampoo may lead to breaking of scalp.


Add deep conditioner:


Breakage is bad if you have thin, fine hair. When your wig hair breaks they become even thinner. Some cosmetologists and hair experts suggest using hair masks and deep conditioners so as to reduce or prevent hair loss. Also they recommend carrying out pre-shampooing treatment to stop the hair loss process from your wig. Always use a good quality hair conditioner for your wig hairs. It is better if you prefer special wig care products. A good conditioner will prevent your hair from tangling and eventually prevent hair loss and hair thinning.


Sleep while up do your hair:


For lazy people, the fastest way to flatten the blow-dried hair to get voluminous look is to sleep on hairdo. You can just twist your hairs in small sections and pin them up on hair before bed. It will not only prevent creases but will also put the volume and bounce and make you ready with fuller hair next day ready for any hairstyle.


Fill the roots of your wig:


Once the root powders were used to cover the greys but fortunately now they can be used to generate illusions of thicker hair. The tinted powder having the same shade of your wig hair can be sprinkled or applied with brush. This will provide a fuller effect to your scalp/ wig cap. More interestingly no one will come to know about it.


If you are thinking this is it. Then please wait. As a bonus we are presenting you with some hairstyles that will instantly add major volume to your thin hair.


Long and light wavy layers: Just take the advice of your stylist and ask him to put a little texture at the tips. These light, feathered layers wont add weight to your hair and give them volume.


Deep side part: Deep side part to the opposite side of your original trait is the easiest and simplest way to give you a fuller look.


Angled Lob: A slightly angled lob that grazes the shoulder will add body and shape to your thin hair. Add side-swept bangs and feathery layers.


Short Layered Bob Haircut: All-time famous and trending short hair bob is the ultimate solution to your thinner hair. The light layers and feathered ends with asymmetrical angles will easily gift you a tousle and voluminous look.


So, here we have presented to you with few special tips and tricks that will come handy to you while experimenting with your wig hair and make you ever ready for a any occasion whether it is a party or conference.

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